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Fingerprint Examination , Longleng , Nagaland

We provide fingerprint examination services in Longleng, Nagaland. Some of the popular methods we use for fingerprint development are:

•           Powder Method

•           Ninhydrin Method

•           Iodine Fuming Method                        

•           Cyclonitrate Method

•           Other Chemical Methods etc…

Our Fingerprint experts are able to take any kind of fingerprint examination work. We are capable of checking the different patterns of fingerprint on different surfaces such as Wall, Metal, Glass, Almirah, Metal, Doors, bags, paper, plastic, wooden surface etc etc.

Our laboratory is well-equipped with all the necessary tools for fingerprint examination and our fingerprint experts are very well-aware of all the recent and advanced fingerprint examination techniques and all the related methods employed for deciphering and developing the fingerprints from a crime scene. The fingerprint science is a perfect science and no two individuals possess alike fingerprint, not even the identical twins.

Fingerprint science is considered the most reliable and unique method of identification. We are one of the most experienced and reliable fingerprint experts and providing fingerprint expert services for more than 17 years. We are certified fingerprint experts and our reports are admissible in the court of law.

Fingerprint examination services rendered by our organization in:

•           Fingerprint examination in Theft cases,

•           Fingerprint examination on forged WILLs,

•           Fingerprint examination on forged cheque,

•           Fingerprint examination on Threatening letter,

•           Fingerprint examination on Property documents,

•           Fingerprint examination on Payment receipts,

•           Fingerprint examination on Power of Attorney,

•           Fingerprint examination on Gift Deeds,

•           Fingerprint examination on Suicide Notes etc…

In case you are interested in our services please contact with us;

Contact: J. K. Consultancy


 Phone: 9810411824

Address: Longleng, Nagaland