About Us

In today’s world as the crime is increasing on the day to day basis the requirement of the scientific investigation has also increased. The database of the forensic expert and forensic investigators / detectives is developed so as to help the individual -organization to get assistance in different forensic fields and get their cases investigated in the scientific methods. The different forensic expert fields that are available are:

  • Forensic Expert;
  • Crime Screen Investigators;
  • Fingerprint Expert,
  • Handwriting Verification expert;
  • Signature Verification Expert;
  • Signature Examination, Comparison;
  • Fingerprinting Matching, Development and Comparison,
  • Arson Cases,
  • Lie Detector Test Expert;
  • Polygraph Test Expert;
  • Voice Stress Analysis Expert;
  • Audio Analysis;
  • Video Analysis.

There many more fields in forensic that the data has experts available for. In case one requires the service of the forensic expert can search the forensic expert data base as per there requirement to fulfil there needs.